Marcela Ballara Género y Educación de Adultos


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Marcela Alicia  Ballara Soto


Av El Bosque Sur 875 Dpto 203

7510328 Santiago (Chile)


(562)-27695168 (home)

 /56 78154992(cel)





Date of birth




Desired employment / Occupational field

gender and development;  gender and agriculture , climate change, disaster risk reduction,  rural employment,  non formal adult education; project manager and administrator; social science research; pedagogic, communication and development



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Occupation or position held

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03 01 2011 ongoing


Part Time senior consultant to the Secretariat

Support the secretariat in climate change , non-formal adult  education and gender  activities developed by the world wide civil society organizations  linked to this International networks


International Council for Adult education, ICAE

18 de Julio 2095 apto 301  Montevideo URUGUAY

Civil Society Organization



 30 09 2010 – 30 12 2011


Occupation or position held

Senior International Consultant on Gender Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change

Main activities and responsibilities

·         Establishment of a local informal gender network/reference group of stakeholders working in the area of gender and DRR&EP and CCMA comprised by donors and civil society

·         A baseline and a needs assessment of the integration of gender in DRR&EP and CCMA programming in Mozambique, informed by a literature review of international best practices and lesson learned concerning guidelines, policies, programmes and advocacy in this area

·         A toolbox and guideline for donors, civil society and government on how to integrate gender in DRR&EP and CCMA programming and activities adapted to the specific socio economic and institutional context of Mozambique

·         Meetings and a workshop with stakeholders during the elaboration of the toolbox  and A national presentation and training seminar

Name and address of employer   


Rua José Craveirinha, 237 Maputo Mozambique.

Tel: +258 21 485 159

Fax: +258 21 485 161

Type of business or sector

United Nations


 10 01 2011- 12 15  2011
Occupation or position held   

Coordinator and  tutor on Climate  Change and Gender  Distance learning  course

Main activities and responsibilities

To develop the contents and  of the distance training  course on gender , environment and Climate change and supervise/follow up  25 students from different  L.A. countries

Name and address of employer

University of Montreal ,  Inter American Organization for Higher Education, Colegio de las Americas  COLAM

Université de Montréal
3744, Jean-Brillant, bureau 592

Montréal (Québec)

Canada H3T 1P1



Type of business or sector   



09 20 2010 to 02 28 2011

Occupation or position held

Senior Consultant for FAO IFAD Study Tour Gender and Rural Empowerment

Main activities and responsibilities

To build capacity  and strengthen the implementation of the gender equity  approach among the participants  from different countries visiting  organizations in El Salvador and Guatemala

Provide participants with  new knowledge and skills  on gender and mainstream gender  to  put them into practice in their daily work 


These accomplish of these objectives was meant  to implement   exchange of experiences  with the visited organizations  , they would enable the participants to  learn about the  tools , resources and instruments  used and share  by the  visited organizations  to  mainstreaming  gender and  support the promotion of women's empowerment in agriculture and rural development work. These cactivities developed in this joint FAO/IFAD programme, also provided paths to strengthen dialogue and sharing of gender resources between the involved organizations,


The study visits were performed in two countries: Guatemala 08- 12/11/ 2010 and El Salvador 15-19 /11/ 2010. A second visit on 24-29/01/2011 was organized to El  Salvador  with participants coming from  the Caribbean.

Name and address of employer

FAO and FIDA ( Ilaria Sisto (ESW),Peltola, Maija (IFAD), Ida Christensen(FAO TCIO)

Viale terme de caracalla



Type of business or sector

United Nations  FAO IFAD


01/03/2010 →30/05/2010

Occupation or position held     Senior Consultant on gender and Social Assessment in Mozambique ( Palm tree project in Quelimani)

Main activities and responsibilities

1.     Review reports, Government of Mozambique  gender policies, Millennium Challenge Corporation  and Millennium Challenge Account  gender policies, external assessments and reports relevant to the target districts and interventions;

2.     Determine how and where the research will be conducted, and what additional resources (logistical, human, etc) are required;

3.     Share and discuss the contents and the methods of the survey with the ACDI/VOCA FISP SP team, ACDI/VOCA’s headquarters, and with project partners;

4.     In collaboration with the Farmer Income and Support Project (FISP) team, develop and propose a plan for carrying out the gender assessment in the in eight (8) targeted districts of Zambezia and Nampula provinces;

5.     Design, pre-test and conduct the survey in four pre-selected representative districts and supplement with other relevant activities for the assessment such as focus group discussions and key informant interviews with members of the target group, local experts or organizations;

6.     Analyze results and present findings to the FISP SP team for input, clarification, and if necessary, follow-up visits to communities;

7.     Review the Communication and Information  Development Program  document  with the project team and identify potential implementation impediments and mitigation mechanisms;

8.     Develop a Gender and Social Integration Strategy (to include indicators and monitoring plan) for FISP based on the assessment and the Communication and Information  Development Program  document  ; 

9.     Provide mentoring and on-the job training to the FISP SP social and gender specialist;

10.  Develop gender and social integration indicators and monitoring plan in coordination with FISP Monitoring &Evaluation  team;


Name and address of employer

ACDI AVOCA Consultancy firm

50 F Street NW
Suite 1075
Washington, DC 20001

Tel: +1 202 469 6000


Type of business or sector

ACDI/VOCA is a private, non -profit organization that promotes broad-based economic growth with communities in low-income countries and emerging democracies.




01/11/1999 → 2009 (30 October)

Occupation or position held

Gender, Equity Rural Employment Senior Officer

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Provide country assistance on mainstream gender and food security including rural employment in public policies . Support member’s countries to incorporate gender, equity, rural employment and demographic factors in data collection and analysis mechanism in agriculture.

2. Provide analysis on food security, gender, rural employment, indigenous people, rural development and natural resources management at national and regional level

3. Manage projects and mainstream gender, equity ,indigenous people concerns in projects and programs.

4. Disseminate information through RLC WEB page and publication of related materials.

5. Mainstream food security, rural development, gender and indigenous population in public policies, legislation and civil institutions. Provide information and advice to mainstream gender in food security and rural development projects. Support food security, rural development and gender mainstreaming in field project implementation.

6. Advice and provide assistance to member countries and civil institutions on rural employment, rural development and gender responsive approaches and population issues to enhance food security.

7. Participate in interagency, inter governmental and civil society institutions on population, rural development, food security and gender policy issues. Technical assistance in the preparation of project documents, background papers, reports and information documents.



Name and address of employer

FAO United Nations

Dag Hammarskhold 3241 Santiago CHILE

Type of business or sector

United Nations , Gender, indigenous people  in   development in Agriculture sector ,  Rural employment,





01/11/1997 - 01/11/1999

Occupation or position held

Senior Gender Manager and Coordinator

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Develop and implement IOM Staff and Programme Policies with a gender approach by developing a strategy, objectives, activities and a 5 year plan of action to implement the above policies at all organizational levels ( HQ and Country Field Offices)2. Foster positive awareness of gender policies throughout the organization and propose strategies/activities that will contribute to attitudinal changes including the organization of meetings, seminars workshops and mainstreaming gender in IOM ongoing training activities. 3. Management and assistance/expertise in the elaboration of programme and projects that addressed migrant women needs/concerns. 4. Identify/propose priorities on requirements for research and liaise with academia. 5. Liaise with international. Org coordinate activities 6. Fund-raising with donors bi/multilateral

Name and address of employer

IOM, International organization for Migration

17, route des Morillons, CH1211 Geneva (Switzerland

Type of business or sector

Intergovernmental Organization on Migration and Trafficking  Activities Of Extraterritorial Organisations And Bodies




02/01/1997 - 20/10/1997

Occupation or position held

Gender Regional Coordinator  for CIS countries

Main activities and responsibilities

1) Collect information on women status in the country and review the umbrella project "Improvement of Rural Women’s Status and Enhanced participation in Local Areas". 2) Develop a project document on rural development for the enhancement of women’s status and role in agriculture in the south east Turkey and propose suitable and sustainable strategies that promotes project efficiently the enhancement of women’s status and role in agriculture in South Eastern Anatolia. 3) Consult the relevant authorities and integrate and synthesized their recommendations and findings into the project.

4) Negotiate the project document with related government, UN and bilateral agencies4)Negotiate the project document with related government, UN and bilateral agencies


Name and address of employer

 United Nations DDSMS and UNDP


Type of business or sector

United Nations Advocacy and  lobby




07/01/1993 - 30/12/1996

Occupation or position held

Senior Gender Specialist

Main activities and responsibilities

1. To manage the regional project on Women in Central Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries

2. Need assessment on urban/rural population, especially on women organizations and prepare a directory of their organizations in the region

3. To identify rural population and women needs and concerns and prepare sub- regional programme

4. To develop research on rural and women situation, provide technical assistance in the development of National Plans of Action and install Women Units within the government structures

5. To provide assistance in the development of project documents using a participatory approach


Name and address of employer

UN Food Agriculture Organization Ankara -Turkey:

197 Ataturk Bulv, Ankara- kabaklidere (Turkey)


Type of business or sector

Gender , agriculture , south eastern Anatolia Turkey United Nations




01/01/1994 - 30/10/1994


Occupation or position held

Coordination Program "Culture for Peace in El Salvador: Senior Consultant Culture of Peace Programme

Main activities and responsibilities

:1. To support government institutions and Ngo’s to collaborate in the formulation of project documents for peace building and democracy,

2. To organize workshops with government officials and the non ruling parties for the elaboration of the necessary inputs to produce project documents by consensus and in the frame of culture for peace,

3. To revise that the project documents produce by the UNESCO Country Office were in line with the framework of the culture for peace.

4. To produce, in collaboration with government institutions and Ngo’s, a project document on "Literacy for a Culture of Peace


Name and address of employer

Unesco Sub Regional Office for Latin America and Panamá

Del caballo Blanco 325 al Sur barrio La Guaria , Moravia- San José (Costa Ric


Type of business or sector

Peace building  education, United Nations




01/01/1992 - 31/12/1993

Occupation or position held

Senior Adult Education Consultant (part time) in Distance Training project

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Develop research studies on the situation of the adult education activities implemented by the Ministry of Education.

2. Manage and assist the Manga Adult Education Center in its transformation to a National Institute.

3. Participate in the design, methodology and contents of a distance adult education training programme at bachelor level mainly for the Ministry of Education (MINED) staff, Manga teachers and regional educational officers ( approx. 30 persons). Give special attention to rural development, environmental and natural resources awareness and equity.


Name and address of employer

Sweden Linkoping University, Department for Adult Educators (Vuxenutbildning centrum and SIDA

Valhallavägen 199, / , 105 25 Stockholm (Sweden

Type of business or sector

Education, Training non formal education  Swedish  Bi lateral cooperation




01/02/1990 - 30/10/1992

Occupation or position held

Senior Consultant Literacy and Basic Adult Education

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of SIDA 1985 90 support to the Literacy and Adult Education National Directorate

2. management and assessment of the National Adult Education Training Manga Center; (using a participatory evaluation method)

3. Propose a national policy and strategy for literacy and adult education.

4. Develop outlines for an Adult Education National Training Institute and help to establish south south linkages with other institutions working on the subject.

5. Training of trainers at national/regional level


Name and address of employer

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) Sweden

Valhallavägen 199, /, 105 25 Stockholm (Sweden)

Type of business or sector

Non formal education, training, literacy adult education  campaigns Bilateral Cooperation




04/01/1990 - 18/12/1990

Occupation or position held

UNESCO/NGO Standing Committee Group on Women, Paris, France and UN/NGO Programme Group on Women, in Geneva

Main activities and responsibilities

Research on women and literacy activities world wide and produce a book on "Women and Literacy" to be used by international agencies and government organizations in developing countries or by NGO's from north and south working with women and development.

Name and address of employer


7 Place de Fontenoy , Paris (France)

Type of business or sector

Research , Education




10/01/1987 - 20/12/1989

Occupation or position held

Basic Education Senior Consultant (performed several short/long term consultancies to manage adult education projects

Main activities and responsibilities

I In Cape Verde:

1. project manager in post literacy DDA project

2. Implementation of seminars in production of written post literacy material in the frame of Women Civic Education Project, sponsored by UNESCO. H.Q.

3. Research on post literacy activities in neighbour countries and lusophone African countries and development written post literacy text books specially.

II In Mozambique:

1. Chief of Mission and project manager of the Education and Displaced Population Pilot Project in 5 refugee camps . (Sofala province)

2. Develop a need assessment study on internal displace population concerns leaving in the government refugee camps of Dondo region and with special focus on women and children

3. Trainer of trainees (extensionist, health workers, adult educators)


Name and address of employer


7 Place de Fontenoy , Paris (France)

Type of business or sector

Education, Planning , evaluation, org of national campaign, peace building




01/02/1988 - 10/12/1988

Occupation or position held

Project manager in Girls and Women Basic Education project

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Project manager for the project Non Formal Education for Girls and Women in the South Easter Anatolia-Turkey.

2. Assess girls and women needs in the 17 less developed provinces of the country.

3. Design a basic education programme for illiterate and semi literate girls and women in northern and southern eastern provinces.

4. Produce post literacy easy to read, written material (child mother care) addressed to poor semi liberated and alliterated rural women

5. Asses project activities in the area.


Name and address of employer

UNICEF Turkey Office

ANKARA (Turkey)

Type of business or sector

Girls Non formal Education, planning and evaluation




10/01/1987 - 16/12/1989

Occupation or position held

Literacy and adult education Senior Consultant (several short long term consultancies to Cape Verde)

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Advisor to the General Directorate of Adult Education (Direcao Geral de Educacao Extra Escolar DEGEX) in design, planning and implementation of the National Literacy Campaign.

2. Develop the National Post literacy Programme to be included within the country National Education System

3. Provide methodological orientation for the literacy and post literacy text books.

4. Trainer of trainees (several seminars at national and regional levels

5. Design a bi lingual Literacy Pilot Project (Portuguese Creole


Name and address of employer

Coopération au Developpement et Aide Humanitaire (SDC), Bern, Switzerland.

Freiburgstrasse 130, 3003 Berne (Switzerland)

Type of business or sector

Planning on  Adult Education, development of didactic material



20/03/1986 - 31/12/1987

Occupation or position held

Rural Extension and Women in development Consultant

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Design rural development pilot projects in south eastern Turkey with special emphasis in skill development and vocational training.

2. Organize seminars and workshops with agronomists and agriculture technicians

3. Trainer of trainees( Women in Development approach)


Name and address of employer

Turkish Development Foundation

Ankara (Turkey)

Type of business or sector

Planning on education, training




15/01/1985 - 15/12/1985

Occupation or position held


Main activities and responsibilities

1. Develop a comparative study between literacy experiences of countries south of Sahara.

2. Assess the adult education and literacy activities in Guinea Bissau ( 1976 1984)


Name and address of employer

: SIDA and Institute of International Education, Stockholm University

Frescati Hagväg 16B , SE-106 91 Stockholm (Sweden)

Type of business or sector





09/03/1981 - 31/12/1985

Occupation or position held

Sweden SIDA International Expert, assigned to the Ministry of Education Guinea Bissau.

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Project manager of the adult education activities supported by SIDA and with special focus on the Project " Literacy and Adult Education in Mother tongue"

2. Advisor to the Adult Education Department Director

3. Plan, implement and follow up the national literacy and adult education activities.

4. Support the production of pedagogical material

5. Trainer of trainees.

6. Support the implementation, follow up and evaluation of the pilot project in mother tongue (Creole).


Name and address of employer

Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

Valhallavägen 199, /, 105 25 Stockholm (Sweden)

Type of business or sector

Organization, Planning, evaluation, educational  and didactic material ,  Bilateral Organisations  working on development and education




15/01/1978 - 15/02/1981

Occupation or position held


Main activities and responsibilities

1. Research on literacy and adult education on developing countries (especially in Africa).

2. Support the Adult Education Department in Guinea Bissau on:

2.1. Evaluation Literacy Campaign 1976 1979

2.2. Design, implement, follow up and evaluate a Literacy Pilot Project in mother tongue (Creole).

2.3. Trainer of national cadres and animators.


Name and address of employer

Institute of International Education, Stockholm University

Frescati Hagväg 16B , SE-106 91 Stockholm (Sweden)

Type of business or sector

Academin , Researcher




01/05/1977 - 31/12/1977

Occupation or position held

International Consultant in community development (several short term consultancies in Portugal)

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Project leader in popular education programme between Sweden and Portugal (Ferreira do Zezere)

2.  Develop cooperation links between local activities dealing with popular theatre.



Name and address of employer

Vuxenskola (Linkoping University, school of  Adult Education ), Education Ministry, Stockholm Sweden.


Type of business or sector

Entertainment And Recreation
















10/04/1976 - 31/12/1976

Occupation or position held

SIDA International Consultant in adult education (assigned to the Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Permanent Education, Lisbon, Portugal)

Main activities and responsibilities

1. Technical Assistant to the Director.

2. Identify and design programmes in support of the National Literacy Campaign.

3. Trainer of Trainees.


Name and address of employer

1976 : Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA)

Valhallavägen 199, /, 105 25 Stockholm (Sweden)

Type of business or sector

Planning, Advisory, lobby , advocacy, Bilateral Organization




01/04/1968 - 10/09/1973

Occupation or position held

Adult Educator Trainer

Main activities and responsibilities

in Santiago:

Follow up and evaluation of rural women training activities.

in Chillán:

1. Identify, and design community development and adult education activities in rural areas.

2. Assessment of literacy and adult education activities among trainees and peasants

3. Training of Trainees


Name and address of employer

Instituto de Desarrollo Agropecuario (INDAP)

Chillan (Chile)

Type of business or sector

Organization, planning, strategy Government Organization  on Agriculture, Forestry And Fishing



Personal skills and competences




Mother tongue(s)




Other language(s)






W r i t i n g

European level (*)




Spoken interaction

Spoken production





Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user




Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


Independent user


Independent user




Proficient user


Proficient user


Proficient user


Independent user


Basic User




Proficient user


Proficient user


Independent user


Independent user


Basic User


(*) Common European Framework of Reference (CEF) level



Social skills and competences

I am a positive team leader, have very good ability to work in multicultural environment gained through my international work experience in Africa, Middle East and Latin America; very good communication skills enhanced by my languages skills.



Organisational skills and competences

During my working experience I had responsibility of building teams to implement developing programmes in organizations of the UN , NGo´s and Public Ministries. These teams been between 8 to 45 persons. Also I been responsible in developing and managing project teams in different countries of the African and Latin American region. At home I am part of the Administration team of my apartment building


Technical skills and competences

I have long experience and command acquired through work, training and voluntary activities the following: formulation of national policies and strategies for gender and specific needs for women and men, adult education for men and women, curriculum development, demography (migration), rural development, research and mainstreaming gender into international institutions government organizations at local an national level and organizations of the civil society.


As a participant in major Conferences of the decennium I have also acquired skills in advocacy and lobby for development issues as well as for gender issues Being part of several global network of women professional organizations from the civil society. I have acquire good organizing skills in organizing seminars, workshops and other training activities addressed to women and men. I have also writing and research skills as I have published two books and several articles and essays in specialized magazines dealing with adult education, migration , employment and gender issues.


My working experience in previous positions at the United Nations has been at international global level and includes developing and implementing field projects, implementing research, negotiating with governments and donor agencies in several countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, Sub Sahara Africa, Central Europe and Geneva.




Computer skills and competences

Good command on Microsoft Office, Excell, Power Point



Artistic skills and competences

I have writing and research skills as I have published two books and several articles and essays in specialized magazines dealing with adult education, migration; employment and gender issues. All of them acquired through my work experience and university education




Other skills and competences

I am very much interests in sports such as spinning and running. Also I am interested in spinning, yoga and pilates ( which I practice twice a week)



Driving licence(s)




Additional information


Co Share  of Feminist Task Force  - Global Coalition Against Poverty ( FTF-GCAP)

   Member of GCC and GCCA

ICAE, International Council for Adult Education, Canada-Uruguay

Member of the Editorial Advisor Committee of the quarterly publication "Convergence" (ICAE)

ILI, International Literacy Institute, University of Philadelphia, USA

CEAAL Consejo de Educación de Adultos para América latina y el Caribe, México, México

REPEM, Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres para América Latina y el Caribe. ( member of Directory

Participation in International Conferences:


Participation in the  Adult Education  National Conference  in Germany ( May 2011) .

Participation in COP 15 and COP 16 as part of the women Caucus and lobby;  Participation in all meeting organized by ECLAC (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) related to the Presiding Officers of the Regional Conference on Women in Latin America and the Caribbean ( 1999-2000-2001-2002-2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009) . Also participation as panellist in related meetings in Mexico organized by ECLAC Spain organized by Instituto de la Mujer, in the World Social Summit (Porto Alegre, Nairobi and Belem do Pará) , in New York ( Finance for Development). Envisage participation in CONFITEA VI Belem do Pará Nov 2009.



• Commission of the Status of Women, New York 2-8 March

Representing IOM, delivering a statement on behalf on the organization. Liaising with governments and international organizations to discuss future cooperation and partnership in activities dealing with trafficking among women.


• Strategic Plan Regional Conference on Gender for the Arab Countries, Tunis, July 28-30. Organized by CAWTAR (Center of Arab Women for Training and Research)

Participation: as expert

• V International Adult Education Conference (CONFITEA V), Hamburg 10-14 July. Organized by UNESCO and UIE (Unesco Institute of Education-Hamburg).

Participation: as consultant and in representation of ICAE (International Council of Adult Education) and it's International Gender and Education Office.

• CSW, United Nations, New York, 10-21 March.

Participation: As observer representing the International Gender and Education Office from the International Council of Adult Education, and as an organizer of the workshop "Learning Gender Justice" in preparation for the CONFITEA V (UNESCO- V International Conference on Adult Education to be held in Hamburg 14-18 July 1997)


• Seminar of the Collective Consultation of NGOs on Literacy and Education for All. Adult Learning: A key for the Twenty-First Century. Hamburg 12-15 November.

Participation: presentation of position paper "On transition to the XXI Century: Gender and Education of Young and Adult People of Latin America" in representation of REPEM (Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres para América Latina y El Caribe)

Organizer: UNESCO (Paris)

• Gender Mainstreaming Training in Eastern Europe and the CIS countries. Vilnius, Lithuania 4-8 November.

Participation: United Nations-DDSMS consultant

Organizer: Regional Bureau for CE and CIS countries -United Nations Development Program (UNDP) (New York)

• Sub regional Conference of Senior Governmental Experts on the Implementation of the Platform for action adopted by the IV Women World Conference in Beijing, in Central Asian and Eastern Europe. Bucharest 12-14 September.

Participation: United Nations-DDSMS Consultant and resource person

Organizer: Regional Bureau for CE and CIS countries (RBEC) -United Nations Development Program (UNDP), CEDAW. (N. York)

• "Looking at the World through Women Eyes", Yerevan 27-28 June.

Participation: Speaker " Mainstreaming gender in to public policies: a key for development"

Participation: United Nations DDSMS Senior Consultant

Organizer: Women's Republican Council of Armenia. (Armenian NGO)

• World Conference on Literacy, Improving literacy, Changing lives: innovations and inter-connections for development. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA March 12-15.

Participation: Panellist with representative of NORAD and USAID: "Gender, Basic Education and Adult literacy"

Organizer: International Literacy Institute, University of Pennsylvania and UNESCO (Paris).

• Women Ngo International Meeting in preparation for Habitat II, Istanbul 20 to 22 January.

Participation: Main Speaker "The globalisation of the NGO movement"

Organizer: Turkish Host Committee for Habitat Conference and the Foundation for the Support of Women Work. (Turkey)



• Sub regional Workshop on Women's Information Network in Central Asia. Tashkent, Uzbequistan, 5-7 December.

Participation: UN Senior Consultant and Panelist with Escap (Ms. H. Hashimoto), Uzbequistan (Ms. Goulyamova), Kyrgystan (Ms Harasaeva), Kazakhstan Ms. Igsatova), Tajikistan (Ms. Isaeva) representatives " The Jakarta Declaration for the Advancement of Women in Asia and the Pacific and the Platform for Action adopted at the IV World Conference on Women"

Organizer: ESCAP and UNDP (Uzbequistan)

• Symposium on the Status of Women inside and outside Turkey and the Global World. Ankara, 1-3 November.

Participation: Panellist in "Women, Education and Culture" (with Ms. Sonum-Bosnia Herzegovina; Ms. Koksal- Turkey; Ms. Baykal- Turkey)

Organizer: Turkish Association for Union and Solidarity of Women. (Turkey)

• IV World Conference on Women. Beijing 30 August- 15 September (Ngo Forum and UN Conference).

Participation: At the NGO Forum as Panellist in the workshop: "The Role of Men in Women's Education and Empowerment" organized by ICAE (with Lalitas Ramdas-India and Boy Morales-Philippines) and in workshop: "Towards a Gender-Inclusive Culture through Education: a joint manifesto" organized by ICAE.

In the UN. Conference: in representation of CEAAL (Consejo Latinoamericano de Educación de Adultos)

• The Beijing Express train project. Warsaw 20 August-Beijing 29 August. Organized by UNDP-Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS countries (RBEC).

Participation: U.N. Consultant to support NGO networking

Organizer: RBEC-UNDP. (New York)

• III Encuentro Latinoamericano de la Red de Alfabetización del Consejo de Educación de Adultos para América Latina y El Caribe (CEAAL), Medellín 20 al 24 de Abril.

Participación: Panelista en la Universidad de Medellín con el tema "Género y Alfabetización de Personas Jóvenes y Adultas"

Organizador: CEAAL (Santiago de Chile)

• The World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen, Denmark, 6-12 march 1995 (NGO Forum and UN. Conference)

Participation: In the NGO Forum as panellist in "Women and Popular Economy" in the UN Conference advocating and lobbying for Latin American women NGO's supported by REPEM (Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres)

Organizer: United Nations

• III Preparatory Meeting for the World Summit for Social Development. United Nations, New York, January 15-26.

Participation: in representation of REPEM

Organizer: United Nations (New York)

• International Seminar on Economic Restructuring and Social Policy. United Nations, New York 11-13 January.

Participation: as resource person

Organizer: UN Research Institute for Social Development (UNSRID), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research. (Geneva and New York)

• International NGO' Network Meeting People's Alliance for Social Development. New York 13-14 January.

Participation: as representative of REPEM

Organizer: The Synergos Institute (New York)


• Primer Encuentro del Grupo de Trabajo Economía Popular y Mujeres: proyecto educación, mujeres y economía. Montevideo, 21 24 Marzo 1994.

Participación: equipo de coordinación

Organizado por la Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres (REPEM) afiliada al Consejo de Educación de Adultos de América Latina (CEAAL). (Uruguay)

• Taller sobre "Teoría y Metodología sobre las Relaciones de Género", Montevideo 27 Junio al 1 Julio.

Organizado por la Facultad de Ciencias Sociales, Dpto. de Sociología (Uruguay)

Latin America and The Caribbean Regional Women Meeting, preparatory to Beijing 95 Women World Conference. Mar del Plata 20 to 24 September (Argentina)

Participation: as panellist in "Gender, Education and Popular Economy" organized by REPEM

Organization: United Nations and UNIFEM (New York)

• European/North American High Level Regional Preparatory Meeting for the IV World Conference on Women in Beijing. Vienna, October.

Participation: as U.N. consultant to fund raise for CIS countries

Organizer. United Nations Development Program- RBEC (New York)


• Consultation Seminar on Women's Challenge to Adult Education: Actions and Priorities, Hamburg.

Participation: as resource person

Organizer UNESCO (Paris) and the UNESCO Institute for Education (Hamburg).



• Adult Education and Mass Communication.

Participation: main speaker with paper: "El uso de la radio en la post alfabetización: algunas experiencias en África"

Organizador: Universidad Pedagógica Nacional (UPN) (México)


• Adult Education World Conference, 1982, Marly Le Roi, France.

Participation: resource person

Organizer: International Council of Adult Education, ICAE (Canada)



• Workshop on Rural Development in Latin America.

Participation: speaker with paper: "Las barreras para la integración de la mujer campesina en el proceso de la Reforma Agraria Chilena"

Organizer: Latin American Institute, Faculty of Agriculture,Uppsala University, (Sweden).


Publications (for more informations see


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